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  Cheryl Blum   

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I am so excited to be a part of this Segal Centre fundraising initiative again. Your support in helping me reach my fundraising goal is greatly appreciated. Please donate to my page and/or buy tickets to see me sing and dance on the Segal stage! Tax receipts will be issued. Thank you for your support!

Tammy Erdos  

Jonathan Cooperman  

Anonymous   $50.00

Richard Martz   $36.00

Bradley Picken   $35.00

Anonymous   $35.00

Andee Shuster  

Claudia Litvak Polachek   $100.00

Rhonda Podlone  

Jessica Kokin  

Madelin Dorrington  

William Finkelstein   

Stephanie Finkelstein   

Tiffany Gasse  

Mitchell Wronsky   $100.00

Rachelle Deitcher   $50.00

Neil Davis  

Elaine Vineberg  

Anonymous   $50.00

Anonymous   $50.00

Anonymous   $35.00

Robin Moszkowski  

Bronna Levy  

Anonymous   $100.00

Craig Smith  

Dahlia Guttman   $50.00

Maia Cooper  

Rachelle Blaichman   $50.00

Rachelle Glait   $35.00

Adina Katz  

Perry Gdalevitch   $100.00

Daniel Blum  

Leslie Blum    $72.00

Jesse Krolik  

Michael Gonshor  

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