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  Mashaal, Menashi   

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"This is me !" ... but who is "me"? 

I am proud to say I am the result of many passions and many inspirations, notably: My family, the pursuit of knowledge, friendships, sports and performing arts.
I am STOKED to be a part of this Segal Centre fundraiser. Being part of this community is an honour for me and I am counting on your support in helping me reach my fundraising goal. I'd like to say I am doing something that is scary and need your support to push me through it, but truthfully, I am doing something I am passionate about, so your support will be further fuelling my fire to bring an even higher level of passion to this project. Any donation of any denomination will be appreciated. Your funds will be used to ensure the Segal Centre can continue to provide excellent programming for aspiring performance artists. 
Additionally, please purchase your tickets to watch me sing and dance on the Segal stage!
No pressure, but a donation ranging from $250 to $500 will include one ticket to the show, $500 or more will include two tickets.  
Thanks for your support!!!

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