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  Leckner, Heather   

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Once again, I am proud to be a part of this Segal Centre fundraising initiative. Your support in helping me reach my fundraising goal is greatly appreciated. Don’t forget to also purchase your tickets for June 17th, to see me (sing and) dance on the Segal stage! A donation ranging from $250 to $500 will include one ticket to the show, $500 or more will include two tickets. Thank you so much for your Support!

Jody Engel   $36.00

Shari Haimovitz   $36.00

Recia Liebman   $100.00

Julie Kristof  

Anna Zuckerman   $100.00

Alissa Anzarut   $50.00

Rosanne and Perry Kliot  

Amandah Goldsmith   $50.00

Maison Brison   $100.00

Penny & Gordon Echenberg    $100.00

Ali Lydynia  

Karen Erlick  

Sharon Friedmann   $36.00

Donna Perlin  

marla hopkins   $36.00

Alicia Nosenzo  

Lianne Haimovitz  

kate Marien   $35.00

Mira` Liebman   $100.00

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