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Our dedicated team of singers and dancers are hard at work rehearsing to entertain you on June 2nd.

The funds they raise will go to creative programming for children and adults here at the Segal Centre so please support their incredible efforts and allow arts and culture to live on!


     Elissa Lifson & Carrie Mazoff

Paul McCartney, Aretha Franklin, Madonna... ah, the stuff of Legends!

And you too will become a legend by strutting your stuff in the 10th annual Musical Fundraiser - Legends: Past & Present.

We are excited and honoured to be co-chairing this very special milestone year for what has truly become a legendary experience for so many people over the years. Celebrating 10 years of friendship, personal growth and dedication to the Segal Centre, this year's show is bound to be a hit. So come along and join us for yet another adventure, as we create future legends!

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