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Blum, Cheryl   

Participant’s Fundraising

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I am proud to be a part of this Segal Centre fundraising initiative. Your support in helping me reach my fundraising goal is greatly appreciated. Don’t forget to also purchase your tickets to see me sing and dance on the Segal stage!

Cheryl, you were a one hit wonder! Love Ruth & Arnie   ($36.00)

Cory Cooperman  

Anonymous   ($20.00)

Neil Davis  

Debbie Schwarcz   ($36.00)

Jessica Kokin   ($36.00)

Michael Gonshor  

Lea Thaler   ($20.00)

Adina Katz  

Hymie Blum  

Eileen Erdos  

Tammy and Richard   ($100.00)

Jonathan Cooperman  

Rick Parker  

TD    ($200.00)

Tiffany Gasse   ($54.00)

Anonymous   ($35.00)

Paul Key   ($36.00)

Rhonda Podlone  

tibie flanders  

Stephanie Finkelstein   ($36.00)

Victoria Doobay   ($15.00)

Lainie Berger   ($50.00)

Jesse Krolik  

Andee Shuster  

Lindsey Moncarz & Daniel Blum    ($100.00)

Leslie Blum    ($100.00)

Perry Gdalevitch   ($75.00)

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