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Hampton, Margot   

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Super excited to be a part of this great show for the 4th time! (Thanks to my family next door for letting me come out to play!) With much appreciation I ask for your support once again in helping me reach my fundraising goal. Every amount, no matter how small, is received with all of my thanks - for your donation to a special community institution, for encouraging amateur theatre, but most importantly, for making me feel famous, let's be honest.... One Hit Wonders, here we come! Ice Ice Baby.

Mr. & Mrs. Howard Stotland    ($180.00)

Brooke Cromar  

Anonymous   ($50.00)

Ellen Klaiman   ($20.00)

Elana Minz  

Yair Szlak  

Mandy Gillman  

Andrea Szlamkowicz   ($35.00)

Sheila Benhaim  

Debbie Blond   ($35.00)

Anonymous   ($35.00)

kathy assayag   ($50.00)

David Kovac   ($25.00)

Bryna Hersh   ($25.00)

Shoula Gabbay   ($35.00)

Miguel Banet  

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