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Malet , Ashley   

Participant’s Fundraising

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I am proud to be a part of this Segal Centre fundraising initiative. Your support in helping me reach my fundraising goal is greatly appreciated. Don’t forget to also purchase your tickets to see me sing and dance on the Segal stage!

Meaghan Singer   ($25.00)

Anonymous   ($50.00)

Stephanie Nusbaum   ($50.00)

Dana Strohl   ($35.00)

moe liebman   ($100.00)

Samantha Star  

Robert Thompson   ($50.00)

Scott Rozansky  

Cynthia Kerr   ($25.00)

Rena Rozenek  

Dennis Malet   ($36.00)

Anonymous   ($50.00)

Randy Mendel   ($25.00)

Emily Shore   ($36.00)

Pamela Levine    ($25.00)

Keren Brown  

Jillian Chandler   ($36.00)

Raphael Ohayon  

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