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Kujavsky, Jordana   

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I am so proud to be a part of and co-chairing this incredible and fun Segal Centre fundraising initiative. Your support in helping me reach my fundraising goal to support the heart of English theatre in Montreal means so much! With the funds raised from this fun and unique event, Segal can continue to provide arts education and entertainment to the Montreal community. 

I have committed to raising funds to be able to sing a solo this year as well as participating as part of the ensemble and chorus. I will be singing a song that has been a special part of my life since I first heard it as a young girl. Want to know what it is? You'll have to buy your tickets to find out! ;) 

Anthony Seidman  

Susan Libman & Barry Pascal    ($180.00)

Sabrina Bercovitch   

Samantha Dobski   ($50.00)

Rhema Kujavsky   ($50.00)

Debbie Schwarcz   ($36.00)

Ashley Malet   ($50.00)

Matthew Starr   ($25.00)

Les Solutions Office Equipement    ($150.00)

Barbara London   ($10.00)

Kathleen Fortin  

Eve Rochman  

Rachelle Blaichman    ($36.00)

Judy Kadonoff   ($25.00)

Anonymous   ($35.00)

Melissa Felsky  

Jamie Berman  

Vienna Blum   ($50.00)

Lilanat Butters   ($100.00)

Jody Melnick Dobski   ($100.00)

Bradley Cohen   ($50.00)

Gail Butters Cohen   ($50.00)

Emily Shore  

Jill & Jeff Climan    ($36.00)

Samantha Star  

Mitchell Kujavsky   ($50.00)

Sandra Trehub   ($100.00)

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